TurboTripping Indoor Cycling Videos

TurboTripping Indoor Cycling Videos

Hi and welcome to the world of Turbotripping.

The aim of Turbotripping is to produce videos that make your indoor cycling enjoyable and uncomplicated. And improve your fitness at the same time.

They’re used mostly by ‘fitness’ and ‘Sportive’ cyclists as well as ‘Spinners’ and some top level cyclists and triathletes.  They’re also used by people on elliptical trainers which must be an interesting experience.

The videos are filmed from ‘on the bike’ with footage edited down and combined with an upbeat soundtrack. There are recommended cadences and effort levels discretely placed in the corners of the screen which you can follow, or if you prefer, you can do you own thing.

The music style falls into the ‘Uplifting Trance’ genre, which might not be to everybody’s tastes (I don’t generally listen to it but it seems to make me pedal harder), however for indoor cycling I think it works really well.

So far most of the videos are of a high cadence nature, ideal for developing your ‘Spinning’ but I do plan to produce more climbing orientated videos.  Maybe one day we’ll have a Turbotripping App!

The website is to provide you with a bit of info on the videos as well as some basic advice on training and fitness.

If you have any questions or constructive feedback don’t hesitate to email me ( phil ‘at’ turbotripping . com )