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Indoor Cycling Videos

Trip to the Otherside

A 60 minute high cadence workout to improve endurance and pedaling technique.

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Burn Off Your Donuts

Endurance and Cimbing workout.

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Bourne Quickie

A 30 minute high intensity workout.

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TurboTripping Indoor Cycling Videos

Good for the mind, body and soul.

TurboTripping is all about making indoor cycling enjoyable, uplifting and fitness boosting.

TurboTripping.com : Indoor Cycling Training Guide and Video Store

The website provides you with the information you need to help you understand the concepts health and fitness. Some articles are aimed at beginners taking up a fitness regime, whereas others are more advanced.  Where possible there are links to more detailed references.

TurboTripping Videos to Keep you Motivated

TurboTripping videos combine on-bike footage with specially selected music to recreate emotional and physical sensations of a riding outdoors. The on-screen graphics are kept to a minimum with the recommended cadences and training zones placed discretely in the lower corners.

The rides are designed in such a way that you gradually get immersed with the music not only varying in tempo but also in feeling. Your emotions are stimulated in such a way that your effort ebbs and flows subconsciously and with your mind focused on the road ahead, you can maintain a higher intensity for longer.

At times you may get so immersed that you lose track of time altogether, or even where you are! When you get in the flow, TurboTripping transcends into another dimension of reality itself.

Have fun, get fit and lighten-up.

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