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Sweating cools the body by evaporating off the surface off the skin. Once it starts dripping off the body the effectiveness of the cooling is reduced and you’re losing water for no gain and heading towards getting dehydrated and hyperthermia. Sweat is not fat being burnt off. For sweat to evaporate, the surrounding air needs …

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Indoor Cycling Sites

Indoor Cycling Sites The Sufferfest : Well structured videos with footage from professional races. Indoor Cycling Videos

Types of Indoor bicycle

Turbo trainer Ergometer Rollers Indoor Cycling Turbo Trainers Your basic turbo trainer consists of a metal frame which clamps onto the rear of your bicycle with a roller that presses onto the rear wheel to provide resistance. There are three main types of turbo trainer: Fan – In the early days a fan was used to …

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Staying Hydrated

It’s important that you stay hydrated even if you are only doing a 30 minute session. Have a cup or two of water before you start and you’ll probably need about 75cl or a pint (of water) per hour. You will probably need to drink afterwards as well. It’s debatable whether you need to add …

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Keeping Cool on a Turbo Trainer

Don’t Overheat! Without any air flowing past you, getting hot and sweaty is a major problem during an indoor cycling workout. Approximately 80% of the energy you produce is heat so if you’re putting out 250 watts you’ll be producing 1000 watts of heat. Now imagine pedaling away in front of a 1000 watt fan heater and …

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Benefits of Indoor Cycling

Why do Indoor Cycling Indoor Cycling makes it easier to do specific types of training than outside on the road where there are other things to think about and numerous distractions. In addition to the fitness benefits of turbo training, there are three principle aspects of your riding which you can improve very effectively: Technique : cadence, …

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