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HIIT vs Aerobic Workouts

There’s a big obsession with High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) in the fitness industry. The benefits are that it gets faster results than aerobic (sometimes called Steady State Training), improves muscle mass, burns fat, and improves cardiovascular system. High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) An HIIT session consists of short bursts of very intensive exercise, for …

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This section is to give you some basic information about getting the best out of your time TurboTripping. It’s not an in-depth guide but if you would like more information there are links on many pages to more detailed articles or books.

Effects of Heat on Exercise

It’s surprising that people are discouraged from exercising outdoors in hot weather but there is minimal advice given to people on exercising indoors where the conditions are frequently potentially more dangerous and debilitating. Try and find a fitness centre with fans to cool participants on the internet and you’ll begin to realise how the need …

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Power Zones

Zone Name %FTP RPE Description 1    Active Recovery <55 <2 Easy spinning 2    Aerobic Endurance 56-75 2-3 All day pace 3    Tempo 76-90 4-5 Brisk ride 4    Lactate Threshold 91-105 6-7 1 hour time-trial pace. Intervals lasting 6 to 20 minutes. Requires recovery. 5    VO2 Max 106-120 7-8 Short hill …

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Training Books

Lore of Running Tim Noakes Power Meter : Joe Friel Training and Racing with a Power Meter : Andrew Coggan Heart Rate Lactate training Nutrition and Hydration Water Logged Anita Bean  

Sweet Spot Training

Sweet Spot Training is a fairly recent concept which is basically training in the upper half of Tempo and lower half of Threshold. For the sportive and grandfondo cyclist, sweet-spot is the intensity that you can maintain on successive alpine climbs. I like to pitch it at where you can still comfortably drink two or …

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Training with a Power Meter

Training with power enables you to train and ride with more precision. Power gives you instant feedback of how hard you’re pedaling which is a combination of the amount of Force you’re putting on the pedals and how fast you’re pedaling. Advantages over Heart-Rate Heart-Rate reacts to the amount of effort you’re doing. For example, …

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Heart-Rate Zones

NB These zones are based on Functional Threshold Heart-Rate NOT Maximum Heart-Rate. Functional Threshold Heart-Rate is your average heart-rate during a 20 minute hard effort. Zone Name %FTHR Perceived Effort  Description 1 Recovery  <68 Very Easy  Easy spinning 2 Endurance 68-83 Easy to Moderate  All day pace 3 Tempo 83-94 Moderate to Quite Hard  Brisk …

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Training by Feel

If you don’t have a means of measuring heart-rate or power here’s a table that will help you to feel which zone you’re in.  If you do have a heart-rate monitor and power meter, it’s a useful exercise to pay attention to how you feel in each zone. Feel can be measured using what they …

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Indoor Cycling Training Zones

Why use Training Zones? Training Zones are used because different effort levels have different effects on the body.   Zone Training benefits 1 – Recovery Very easy 2 – Endurance Develops base endurance and aerobic capacity. Mostly fat burning and improving your ability to use oxygen. 3 – Tempo Develops your Cardio-vascular system (heart, lungs, …

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