About TurboTripping

TurboTripping aims to make indoor cycling fun and enjoyable so that you look forward to doing it. Riding a bike outdoors is a fun thing to do yet inside it’s suddenly becomes one of the most tedious and unpleasant experiences known to mankind. Even half and hour pedaling away can seem like you’ve been watching X-Factor for hours on end.

TurboTripping combines exciting video footage filmed in beautiful and spectacular scenery with upbeat, uplifting music so that your cycling session is a both a visual, physiological and emotional experience. It’s what we call a Psychophysical trip.

TurboTripping videos are specifically designed to make the time fly by. Each ride is consists of a gradual warm-up followed by intervals of various lengths similar to what you would do if you were riding your bike outside. The soundtrack is constructed to reflect the intensity of the ride with the melody, beat and rhythm changing to subconsciously influence your mood.

The screen clutter is kept to a minimum so that you’re not constantly staring at numbers. All you need to do is pedal at the recommended cadences and aim for the recommended effort levels. Of course you can chose to concentrate on one or the other or just do your own thing.

Welcome to the Turbo Tripping Lounge

A one stop guide and resource to help you keep coming back for more.

tacx rollers

tacx rollers

On the website you’ll find:

Turbo Training Videos

Turbo Tripping videos are a bit different from others available.

  • Filmed on actual rides
  • Simple graphics minimal numbers on the screen.
  • Cadence and zone based. either one or both.
  • Music to try to achieve the mental feeling that you get riding a bike.
  • Sessions are not rigidly based on time but intensity varies with the visuals and the music in an unstructured way,  just like a proper ride.
  • Enjoyment, uplifted emotions and involvement (flow) over-ride feelings of physical discomfort.
  • Focus on cadence to start with and once that becomes natural start to focus on the training zones using power if possible or feeling and hr.