Video Shop FAQ

What am I buying?

These are videos that you download via the internet. They are not physical DVD’s.

Can I buy a dvd?

If you would like a dvd please contact TurboTripping.

Who am I buying from?

The videos are produced by TurboTripping Ltd which is a company registered in England. They are sold via Springfast who deal with the secure online payment and local taxes which they forward on to the countries concerned.

File Formats

The files are in mp4 format with an HD resolution of 1080. They should play on most computer and tablet video players however if you have an older computer your media player may need to be updated. If you have any problems with your media player VLC media player is a good option.

File Sizes

The videos are currently available in file sizes of around 3GB.


You can pay by bank card,  Paypal or Amazon.


The prices are set in US Dollars but will usually be automatically converted into your local currency. They exclude local sales taxes (VAT in Europe etc) which will be added on during the order process. If you live in Europe you will be charged VAT at the rate of the country you live, or are located in when purchasing.

The Buying Process

When you click on the ‘Buy’ button the ‘Order’ page will open in a new tab on your browser with the price (before tax) and the video’s name.

Click on the ‘Order Now’ button and enter your details in the boxes (double check that you have entered your email correctly otherwise you won’t get your video).

Click on ‘Next’ and the sales will be added.  If you want to make any changes, such as buy an additional video, click on ‘Make Changes’, otherwise click on ‘Complete Order’ and that’s it!

You will receive an email with your order number and receipt along with separate emails for each video with a link for downloading the file.  If you have any problems please get in touch quoting your order number.

Why should I buy the videos when they’re on Youtube?

Good point! If you buy the videos you can watch the videos anywhere, anytime. You also help the future production of more videos, and keep my cats fed. Each video takes about 4 weeks (about 300 hrs) to film, research and mix a synchronized soundtrack, set the cadences and intensities levels, and then do all the testing.


The videos are in 1020 HD resolution and are between 2 and 3GB in size. If you have a slow internet connection they may take a while to download. If you have any problems please contact Turbotripping.  The files are available for download for a period of 7 days.


The videos maybe updated from time to time. Video files are very large as they need to contain a vast amount of data. Advances in technology means that more data can be stored in smaller files so that you will obtain a better quality picture from a smaller file. For practical purposes we’re limited to file sizes of around 4GB.

Who can use the videos?

The videos are for personal use only.  If you’re an instructor or a gym please contact TurboTripping.

Can I buy individual tracks featured on the soundtracks?

If you like the music you will find a track list at the end of each video as well as on each videos webpage from where you can find links to purchase your favourite ones.  If you’re not sure which track it is you like, send us an email with the video name and the time of the track and we can send you the link to the track.