Bourne Quickie

This is a 30 minute indoor cycling video through the spectacular Gorges de la Bourne in the French Alps.


After a 10 minute warm-up the pace increases to give you a good 20 minute workout at  Tempo and Threshold at cadences of 90 to 100rpm.

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Session Guide

Use the recommended cadences or the intensities in the bottom corners of the screen.  Alternatively you can just allow the video and the music to motivate you.

Gradually build up the intensity using the first 10 minutes to get warmed-up.  Concentrate on smooth pedaling and breathing, keeping your upper body steady.


Filmed in the Vercors, France in October 2014.  As it’s late Saturday afternoon there’s more traffic than you would usual.  Major road works also the makes footage is a bit bumpy at times. Hopefully it will soon be completed so we can re-film it with nice bumpy free footage.

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