Basic Indoor Bicycles

Basic turbo trainers are suitable for occasional use.

     Model               Characteristics       Approx Price
Novo Force mag
A plastic frame which not very stable. Has resistance 5 settings which can be fine tuned by changing gear on the bike.  The roller grips the tyre well and is quiet.  It’s lightweight and folds easily. £180
Blue Motion
This is a very stable trainer with a powerful magnetic brake to change the amount of resistance. The fly wheel weighs 1.6kg and the reisitance has 12 settings to a maximum of 950w. £230
 A stable trainer with resistance changed by tapping a switch. £150
Fluid 2
 A large diameter flywheel provides a nice smooth feel.  Resistance increases the faster you go. £285
Elite :
Qubo Fluid
The resistance unit is based on fluid.  The elastogel roller is 45mm and your bike attaches with a quick release clamp. £330
The Flow has a small screen that clamps onto your bars to show heart-rate, power, cadence, speed etc..  You can modify the resistance while riding. It’s a good model if you want to do workouts with specific power intervals.  £450
Rock and Roll 2
 A rather unique trainer in that it tilts from side to side so you can get out of the saddle.  It’s a rather heavy unit and is not easily stored so is suitable if you will have a permanent set-up.  £465