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Lore of Running Tim Noakes Power Meter : Joe Friel Training and Racing with a Power Meter : Andrew Coggan Heart Rate Lactate training Nutrition and Hydration Water Logged Anita Bean

Sweet-Spot Training

Sweet Spot Training is widely recognised as being the most effective ways of improving your fitness and ‘getting to the next level’. Sweet-Spot Training is basically training in the upper half of Tempo and lower half of Threshold. For the sportive and grandfondo cyclist, sweet-spot is the intensity that you can maintain on successive alpine …

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Training with a Power Meter

Training with power enables you to train and ride with more precision. Power gives you instant feedback of how hard you’re pedaling which is a combination of the amount of Force you’re putting on the pedals and how fast you’re pedaling. Advantages over Heart-Rate Heart-Rate reacts to the amount of effort you’re doing. For example, …

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Heart-Rate Zones

NB These zones are based on Functional Threshold Heart-Rate NOT Maximum Heart-Rate. Functional Threshold Heart-Rate is your average heart-rate during a 20 minute hard effort. Zone Name %FTHR Perceived Effort  Description 1 Recovery  <68 Very Easy  Easy spinning 2 Endurance 68-83 Easy to Moderate  All day pace 3 Tempo 83-94 Moderate to Quite Hard  Brisk …

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Training by Feel

Training by Feel is using your physical sensations to asses which training zone you are in. Although it was developed before the advent of heart-rate monitors and power meters, it’s useful to be aware of how you feel in each training zone. Feel can be measured using what they call ‘Rate of Perceived Exertion’ (RPE). …

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Indoor Cycling Training Zones

Why use Training Zones? Training Zones are used because different effort levels have different effects on the body. Zone Training benefits 1 – Recovery Very easy 2 – Endurance Develops base endurance and aerobic capacity. Mostly fat burning and improving your ability to use oxygen. 3 – Tempo Develops your Cardio-vascular system (heart, lungs, blood). …

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Indoor Cycling Training Plans

To keep you motivated and organised during the winter it’s useful to have a plan, no matter how basic it is. You need to know exactly what you’re going to do before you start each session. Once boredom creeps in to a session your motivation goes and the result is that future sessions get avoided …

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Training Diary

It’s worth keeping a record of your rides and training sessions. What to record Time and work done ie, overall and time spent at various levels. If you’re improving technique keep a note of cadences as well. There are an increasing number of computer based training diaries but it’s worth keeping a specific one for …

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Training by Heart-Rate

Heart-rate has been used to measure exercise intensity for many years and the advent of heart-rate monitors makes it easy to get an indication of how hard you are training. Simply put, the harder you ride, the higher your heart-rate will be.  However, there is a delay between you doing a heard effort and you …

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Strength Training on a Turbo Trainer

Turbo training is a good way to focus on developing leg strength and increase the amount of force you exert on the pedals. You should start working on strength once you have a good pedaling technique and can comfortably pedal at a cadence of 90 to 100rpm. Strength training on a turbo trainer should be …

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