Endurance / Low Intensity training

Endurance training is primarily aimed at increasing your ability to do exercise for a longer period of time. It generally consists of riding for progressively longer periods of time at a low level of effort.

The benefits of endurance training is that it helps develop the heart and lungs (the cardio-vascular system) and lays the foundation for the body to do excercise at a higher intensity.

When riding outside endurance training is usually the most enjoyable as you can enjoy the scenery and chat with any fellow riders. Indoors, however, it can be rather tediousif you don’t have anything to occupy your mind.

This is why, for most people, following a structured session where the intensity changes at regular intervals makes indoor cycling more enjoyable. This is where Interval Training becomes popular.

Endurance training can be rather monotonous so you need something to occupy the mind as there is no scenery to keep your mind interested. It’s difficult to do indoors so it’s an idea to watch a video or a film that will not encourage you to pedal too hard. Or leave this training to your outdoor rides.