Getting Started

What is TurboTripping?

What You Need

Bike or an indoor trainer.

A computer/laptop/tablet o phone.

Speakers or Headphones.

A towel to mop up any sweat.

A fan to stop you getting too hot.

Getting Started

If you’re starting a fitness program it’s recommended to consult your doctor before you start.


Beginners should start with a few easy sessions with the resistance set at a low level. Getting fit and loosing weight is not about pushing hard on the pedals. A start with a few short 20 minute rides at a gentle pace. This will get you used to sitting on the bike, get your legs used ot pedalling and your heart and lungs used to you being more active than usual.

At present there aren’t any videos aimed specifically at beginners but I hope to get some produced in the near future. In the mean time just pedal at what feels a comfortable speed for you rather than try to follow the suggested cadences and intensity levels.

More Experienced

For those who already ride then select a video and follow the suggested cadences and effort levels.

Each video is structured so that you start with a warm-up that gradually builds up the intensity for the first 10 to 15 minutes. Each video ends with a few minutes of reduced intensity to help your muscles recover from the harder efforts.