Hi-Tech Turbo Trainers

These turbo trainers link into a computer and enable to ride along to videos with data on the screen and the resistance changing to correspond with the gradient of the road.

Model Characteristics Price
Bkool The Bkool links to your laptop and shows you your data.  You can subscribe to their website where you can stream numerous videos to make your training fun.  It’s also possible to race up to 100 other cyclists. 500€
Linked up to your computer you ride an actual course with the speed as the cyclist.  The resistance changes with the gradient of the road. The software includes fitness tests including a Conconi Test and Mapei test. The roller gives a smooth feel even when the resistance is high.
Similar to the Realaxiom the I-Genius has longer videos and some virtual reality ones as well.

Direct Drive Turbotrainers

These link into a computer but the rear wheel is removed so the bike is mounted directly onto the trainer.

Model Characteristics Price
 This is a very stable unit with resistance from an air fan.  €590 plus €390 for the console.
Turbo Muin
 Reistance is controlled by fluid giving a progressive increase in resistance.  €500
 Linking up to an i-phone it gives a very smooth resistance and feels very similar to being on the road.  €1200

Model Characteristics Price
Wattbike Developed with the aid of British Cycling, the Wattbike uses both air and magnetic braking to give a very slooth feel.  A console shows power, heart-rate, cadence etc. The key feature is that it shows the power output throughout your pedal stroke which will help you improve your pedaling efficiency. £2250