Burn Off Your Donuts

Aim of the Workout

The aim is to improve your ability to handle sustained alpine climbing.

Workout Structure

25 minutes at Endurance and Tempo with three Threshold intervals of 1’45” / 1’20” / 1′ 05″
5 Minutes at Recovery / Endurance
13 minutes climbing at Threshold combining sitting and standing
4 minutes high cadence
17 minutes Endurance / Tempo / Threshold

Follow the recommended cadences and intensity zones to improve your endurance and pedalling technique.

Don’t forget to use a fan to stop you getting too hot and sweaty.

Apart from that, just keep pedaling and enjoy the scenery.

Intensity Effort Zones

The first half of the video gradually builds up combing Endurance/Tempo and Threshold at high cadences to get you well warmed-up. After a short recovery in a town called Die, you do a 13 minute climb at 70rpm with an intensity at Threshold.  Climbing out of the saddle doesn’t come naturally to many people so it might take you a few rides to get the hang of it. Keep the level of effort comfortable without having to force the pedals round, especially on the climb.

Coaching Tips

Sustained climbing is all about establishing and maintaining a comfortable rhythm. Keep you arms relaxed so that you’re not leaning on the bars, and set a resistance on the pedals so that they can turn with firm assistance rather than forcing them round. You will probably find it rather difficult to maintain the same cadence at the same resistance so you may have to change gear but don’t over do it.

A good indicator is that if you’re breathing too hard to take a drink you’re working too hard. Aim to synchronize your pedal strokes with your breathing.


The footage is from a 180km circuit in an area of France north of Mont Ventoux between the Alps and northern Provence.  The first half is the Col de Rousset, which is on the southern slopes of the Vercors National Park, to a small town called Die (pronounced Dee). From there we ride up the Col de Pennes and down to the Roanne Gorge.

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You can preview and even test out an older version of the video on Youtube: