Indoor Cycling Video Store

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The following indoor cycling videos are available for purchase via Fastspring.  The videos are in 1020 HD resolution and are between 2 and 3GB in size.

The videos are for personal use only. If you’re an instructor or a gym please contact TurboTripping.

You can pay by bank card or Paypal and you will receive an email with a link to download the video.

The videos should play on most video software but if you have any problems VLC media player is recommended.

If you like the music you will find a track list at the end of each video as well as on each videos webpage from where you can find links to purchase your favourite ones.

laval-3tm ‘A Trip to the Otherside’ : 60min High Cadence
This is a high cadence workout designed to improve your endurance and pedaling technique. Cadences range from 90 to 110rpm. More>


Rousset_tm ‘Burn Off Your Donuts’ : 60min Tempo/Threshold
A gradual build up of intensity followed by a 13 minute climb to work on strength and power. More>


Ardechoise_5s ‘Ardechoise’ : 45min Tempo/Threshold
A Tempo and Threshold session to develop power and cope with changed in pace. Filmed at the Ardechoise Cyclosportive in France. More>


Bourne_3tm ‘A Quickie Down the Bourne’ : 30min Tempo/Threshold
A short session to be done on it’s own or as an add-on to the above videos. Filmed in the Vercors, France. More>


Bundle_1_350  Video Bundle : Buy all three available titles and get a 10% discount. fs_button15