20 Minute Warm-up

This 20 minute turbo training and indoor cycling warm-up video is based on the recommended protocol used by British Cycling, Wattbike and Team Sky Pro Cycling team.

Using the Indoor Cycling Warm-up Video

For an effective indoor cycling warm-up, select a gear that you can use without having to work too hard. After about 10 or 12 minutes you should start to notice that your are starting to sweat and breath more deeply. If necessary, drop to a slightly easier gear ready for the spin outs. Note that the spin outs are to raise the leg speed not power.

 5m90Smooth pedalling
 2m 95Smooth pedalling
 2m 100Smooth pedalling
2m105Smooth pedalling
 1m 30s110 Smooth pedalling
 30s 120-130Maintain form
 2m90Relax and recover
 6s150+Max Rev Out
 1m90Smooth pedalling
6s150+Max Rev Out
1m90Smooth pedalling
6s150+Max Rev Out
2m 40s90Smooth pedalling