A Trip to the Otherside

Aim of the Workout

The aim of this 60 minute indoor cycling workout video is to improve your pedaling technique by working on your ability to maintain high cadences of 90 to 100rpm for long periods whilst giving you a good fat burning endurance boosting workout. For many people this is actually more difficult than short high intensity interval sessions as muscle fatigue gradually creeps up on you.

Remember to have a fan and supply of cool air so that you don’t get too hot and dripping with sweat.


Total duration : 60 minutes

10 minute warm-up
45 minutes at various recommended cadences : 90, 95,100, 110rpm.
5 minutes cool-down

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This is a new HD (1980×720) version of the video on Youtube with a new beginning and remixed soundtrack.

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Intensity Effort Levels

Maintaining high cadences for prolonged intervals is quite a challenge for many cyclists as it’s not that often that you can pedal non-stop on the open road.

Your resistance setting will need to be low so that the power output comes from pedaling fast rather than the amount of force.

For a less intense session keep the effort level at Tempo during the 100rpm Threshold intervals.

Session Guide

To develop a smooth pedaling style you need to have the resistance set so that you don’t get any muscle soreness during the workout.  However, you may feel it after the session.

Try to pedal as close as you can to the recommended cadences.  If the recommended effort level is too high reduce the resistance.  For an easier session use your Tempo zone instead of Threshold.

Coaching Tips

Keep the upper body relaxed.
Arms relaxed, back straight
Keep taking sips of water especially during the recovery periods.
Maintain a deep, regular breathing rate – you shouldn’t get out of breath.


This indoor cycling video was filmed in an area called the Vercors in the south-east of France. There are many spectacular roads and a variety of scenery you rarely find elsewhere. The video features footage from a 70 mile circuit.

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