Recovery Rides

When you’re following a training plan it’s important to give you body time to both recover from the build up of fatigue and adapt so that it’s able to work at a higher level of intensity in the up and coming sessions.

Because these sessions are done at very low intensity, the natural tendency is to feel that these sessions aren’t doing you much good so many people give them a miss.

Due to this I would rather call them Transition Rides or Technique sessions, or both. Every few weeks, at least once a month, do a ride where you use a low resistance and concentrate on things like you’re pedaling technique and posture. For example, think about keeping a straight back, relaxing your arms and shoulders, changing your hand postion such as riding in the drops. When you do a lot of riding on a static bike it’s easy to adopt poor posture.

Recovery rides are a good opportunity to get used to new shoes, cleats or pedals. Checking your saddle height or replacing a worn out saddle.