Rowenta Turbo Silence Fan

Rowenta VU5551 Turbo Silence 4-Speed Oscillating Pedestal Fan with Remote Control, 16-Inch, Bronze

I bought my Rowenta fan from but they haven’t had any in stock since early 2015.  However it’s still available from in the US.

Having used rather cheap fans a friend insisted that I invest in a ‘decent’ one so as this one had a ‘Turbo’ setting I took the plunge.  I don’t regret it one bit!

 There are three settings with an extra powerful Turbo setting. With previous fans I always ended up with sweat dripping off me even when the room I was in was at near freezing point. With this one I find I have it set on 1 or 2 at temperatures below 10c.  In temperatures of 15c to 20c the 4th setting is adequate for hard Tempo sessions although I usually have it on Turbo to make me feel like I’m going faster!

It’s also remarkably quiet and the most noise I get is the sound of air blasting past my ears – or maybe through them!

I was amazed at the difference a good fan made to my ability to train at high intensities without dripping with sweat and feeling nauseous.

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