Staying Hydrated

It’s important that you stay hydrated even if you are only doing a 30 minute session.

Have a cup or two of water before you start and you’ll probably need about 75cl or a pint (of water) per hour. You will probably need to drink afterwards as well.

It’s debatable whether you need to add electrolites or use an energy drink as you’re probably intending to lose weight (or not put it on).  Hopefully you can manage an hour of exercise without running out of energy.  There are exceptions such as if you’ve been at work all day and haven’t eaten since lunchtime but you might be better off having an energy bar before you start and look forward to a good meal afterwards.

Hydration and nutrition is a vast subject and is, currently at least, beyond the remit of this website.

On the subject of hydration, if you’re training for a long distance endurance event you might be interested in  ‘Over-Hydration’ and Hyponatremia.


Hyponatremia is a condition where the body becomes over-hydrated and Exercise-Associated Hyponatremia (EAH) has been found to be common in marathon runners and participants of other endurance events. Tim Noakes has published a controversial book called ‘Waterlogged‘ which challenges much of the research and marketing blurb that companies selling ‘Sports Nutrition’ produce. : A good article summarising Tim Noakes book ‘Waterlogged’.

Outside Magazine

Sumptuous : An article about Hyponatremia and a link to an interview with Tim Noakes.

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