Strength Training on a Turbo Trainer

Turbo training is a good way to focus on developing leg strength and increase the amount of force you exert on the pedals.

You should start working on strength once you have a good pedaling technique and can comfortably pedal at a cadence of 90 to 100rpm.

Strength training on a turbo trainer should be introduced progressively to enable your muscles, tendons and joints to gain strength gradually and reduce the risk of injury.  Start with one session per week and give your legs plenty of opportunity to recover.

While introducing strength work sessions should still include work on leg speed and technique.

There are many exercises that will improve Force which can be divided into two phases:

  1. Nove/Dec – Simple without changes in rhythm
  2. Jan/Feb – More complex exercises at higher intensities.

The sessions in the Session Lounge are progressive and can be done once per week with one Velocity session as well then an endurance ride at the weekend.