Turbo Training Music

The type of music you listen to can make a big difference to your turbo training.

Music will:

  1. Relieve the boredom
  2. Make workouts more enjoyable
  3. Provide motivation
  4. Reduce perceived levels of effort
  5. Elevates your mood
  6. Reduces distraction
  7. Over-rides feelings of fatigue
  8. Persuades you to ride out waves of exhaustion
  9. Improves endurance by creating strong emotions (up to 15%)
  10. listening to enjoyable music increases electrical activity in various regions of the brain important for coordinating movements,

In a 2012 study by C. J. Bacon of Sheffield Hallam University, Karageorghis and their colleagues, participants who cycled in time to music required 7 percent less oxygen to do the same work as cyclists who did not synchronize their movements with background music.

If you can make a playlist you should structure it to suit the intensity of the particular part of the workout.  This is not easy to do and even if you know what your doing, it can take hours to do.

There are some cd’s available for indoor cycling but the music tends to be rather tepid and uninspiring.

Type of Music

Music and movement are particularly entangled in the brain and what people see and feel while listening to music changes what they hear and respond to it. You may not like listening to techno-music normally but when you get on your turbo trainer, Trance music takes on a different dimension.
The beat and rhythms stimulate your motivation to move while the changes in mood have an effect on your emotions. When accompanied by interesting video the combination can be quite intense.

A style of music that works well is called  Trance and there are some very talented people producing quite inspiring and upbeat music that works really well.

Beat and Tempo

The music needs to be up-tempo of 120 to 140 beats per minute.  Research has shown that this helps performances where heart-rates need to be 140+bpm.

Sound System

Most Turbo Trainers make quite a lot of noise and the faster you pedal the louder they get. This means you have to have a powerful sound system so you can hear the music above the noise of the turbo trainer, which has certain implications for you neighbours, let alone other people in your house.

A good set of ear phones or headphones are a useful investment but make sure you don’t have them turned up too loud otherwise you may damage your ears.

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