45 minute Tempo / Threshold

The Ardechoise Threshold Remix is a 45 minute indoor cycling workout with three hard Threshold intervals totalling 20 minutes.

The Workout Structure

Follow the recommended cadences and /or the training zones.

The cadences and intensity gradually increases during the first 10 minutes to give you a good warm-up. The main session consists of 33 minutes alternating Tempo and four Threshold intervals : (1 x 5mins) (1 x 1.5mins)  (1 x 7mins) (1 x 6mins) Totalling 19 to 20 minutes.

Here are the detailed intervals:

Time Cadence Zone
1 min 80rpm Endurance
2 min 85rpm Endurance
1 min 90rpm Tempo
1 min 95rpm Tempo
1 min 90rpm Endurance
3.5 min 95rpm Tempo
5 min   100rpm Threshold
2 min 95rpm Tempo
3 min 90rpm Endurance
3 min 95rpm Tempo
1.5 min  100rpm  Threshold
45s 95rpm Tempo
7 min   100rpm Threshold
1 min 95rpm Tempo
6 min 100rpm  Threshold
1 min 95rpm Tempo
2 min 90rpm Endurance
2 min 90rpm Recovery


It was filmed during the 2014 Ardechoise Cyclosportive in France and features the final run into the finish but misses the final 500m as the battery ran out!

See for more information.

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